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Kim has extensive education and experience in all of the top product lines including the ones below.



Kim's preferred color line is L'anza.  L'anza is imported from Italy and highly regarded as one of the finest hair color products in the world for giving the most shine with the least amount of fading while maintaining the health of hair. 

L'anza's product description is as follows:

"At L'ANZA, a formula is not merely a mixture ... it is a solution.  This is why L'ANZA, in cooperation with scientists in Italy, Germany, and America set out to create a hair color solution that is the embodiment of classic elegance, timeless simplicity and luxury.  The result:  L'ANZA Belavance, an Italian hair color meticulously crafted with German engineering and L'ANZA innovation, where art and technology merge to produce the ultimate color solution.  Belavance is a multi-faceted, healing based hair color that provides the perfect combination of creativity and precision with the high standards of quality L'ANZA is famous for.

L'ANZA Belavance has been salon tested on four continents:  Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America to ensure perfect coloration that is universal beyond culture, beyond lifestyle."

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